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3 things you don’t want to appear on your credit report

Getting and retaining a high credit score can be an impossibility for some Americans, part of the reason for this is they don’t even know what makes it better or worse.

There are a few things which can instantly have a negative effect on your credit score and we plan to highlight those in this article.

Checking your credit report is one of the easiest ways to spot any inconstancies as well as stopping ID fraud so its more than definitely worth your time.

Collections/Missed payments

This is probably the biggest downfall for most people. According to, missing one payment could stain your credit score for up to 7 years.

The first thing you can do when trying to get rid of this problem is pay off the debt, although you’ll still have a collections account it won’t look anywhere near as bad to any future lenders as it will be ‘paid’ which shows you are capable of paying off debts.

Once the money has been paid there’s one way to try and get the missed payment removed. If you’re usually pretty reliable when it comes to your finances doesn't be afraid to ask your creditor for a ‘goodwill adjustment’ it’s pretty than likely they will say yes; after all who wants to lose a good customer?

If there are any inconsistencies on your credit report make sure you dispute the missed payment, it could be anything such as the date you were meant to pay. It can be rather difficult for creditors to keep everyone’s details in order and they sometimes loose them.

If that happens to be the case they will be forced to erase the missed payment from your credit history. Whatever you do don’t try to lie about an inconsistency because you’ll probably end up in more trouble than you started in.


Many people build up a brilliant credit history and score in order to purchase their dream house. The problem is they simply can't afford the rent.

There were close to 1.1 million foreclosures In the United states in 2015 which show just how big this problem actually is. Losing your home is probably one of the worst things that can happen, but being followed by that foreclosure on your credit file makes it even more difficult to find another home.

If this has happened to you we’d recommend finding a place which you know is in your price range and comfortably live there, making all payments to improve your score over time.

There are many things which you don’t want to see appear on your credit score and we have pointed out what we believe to be the worst. We hope this article has given you some quick fixes to any problems that you may have encountered as well as informing you on how to avoid these issues.