Monsanto Investment Update: Another 18 Months of Declining Stock Value

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In September 1998, Monsanto stock was at 63-1/4. Eighteen (18) months ago (in mid-February, 2001), the Monsanto stock price was at 36.0. Today (8/19/02), the Monsanto stock price has sunk to 16.5.

A $10,000 investment in Monsanto stock in September 1998 was worth:

An investment in Monsanto would have lost you $7,400.00 in stock value for every $10,000 you invested. Monsanto stock will likely continue to decline (with ocassional ups-and-downs) until current and impending class action lawsuits and lack of demand for toxic products puts it out of business.

Is there any worse investment choice than Monsanto stock? Be sure to ask if your mutual fund or retirement fund investment has any Monsanto stock. If so, please consider switching to another investment option.