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Other Monsanto-Related Investments to Avoid

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If you choose to avoid investing in Monsanto, you will need to avoid investments in companies that offer major support to Monsanto. But first, you should consider doing the following:

  1. Avoid Monsanto stock purchases.
  2. Avoid investing in mutual funds which own Monsanto stock.
  3. Call your mutual fund company and request that they sell their Monsanto stock.
Below is a list of a select of companies that support Monsanto's unethical practices.

Companies That Support Monsanto's Unethical Practices

Company Description
Coca-Cola CompanyPromotes aspartame poisoning throughout the world even though they have been informed of the hazards.
Janus Capital Corp.As of mid-1998 managed two mutual fund portfolios with enormous amounts of Monsanto stock.
PepsiCo CompanyPromotes aspartame poisoning.