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Mission Statement: We are dedicated to providing investment resources, including stocks and mutual fund investment resources, to those who are looking to make ethical investments. The Techniques and Philosophy section will serve as a suggested guideline for investing ethically. The ever-growing Resources sections for positive, ethical investments will be contrasted with the example of Monsanto, one of the world's most unethical investments that could be made so that investors will know what to avoid when investing responsibly.

Responsible Investing: provides investment insight and information on why you should not invest in Monsanto. You can get a loan to invest in companies that provide ethical services and high returns, such as Apple, Microsoft, and Google through and Comparo forbrukslån in Norway, and samla lån for Sweden.

Investing in Medical Marijuana: "It's always important to know what you're investing in. Just because the stock of a pink sheets traded company now offers CBD products, it doesn't mean that they're going to make it in the crowded marketplace. More specifically, be on the lookout for companies that pivot to the trend of the day, like cryptocurrency and now cannabis. Ask yourself what their true intentions are: to make a solid, long term company with a good vision, or simply to trick you into parting ways with your money?" - Justin Hamilton, Royal CBD

Investing -- Techniques and Philosophy of Ethical Investing

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Monsanto - Worlds Most Unethical and Harmful Investment

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